Experience Yoga at a Higher Level, and in the process you will awaken to your True Self. 

Self Awareness Training Program - 200 Hour level

 As you continually open, and gain an understanding , your awareness expands - that's Y.O.G.A .

To live the life you want, sometimes it requires deep change.... 
This course is not just about becoming a Yoga Teacher. 

It is about deep personal change that will lead you toward greater contentment with yourself,  more happiness within your relationships and your life.   Find your Authentic Self.      

You will begin to grow into the person you most want to BE  -    from the first weekend...

A few Testimonials...

I become interested in yoga about one year ago. I was going through a real rough time in my life, and I wanted to focus on a me.   I enrolled in the  YTT program not looking to teach yoga, but wanting to learn more about the art and history of yoga, and  how it could help me with some emotional turmoil I was experiencing in my divorce.   This YTT was a big commitment -   but one that I will never regret doing.  I have learned things about yoga  I will never forget.    It has helped me realize who I am.    I have found a new understanding and plan on this journey.   I highly recommend this to anyone who went's to continue learning the art of yoga and the art of themselves.  -  Deb 

I was coming just to learn yoga postures, but it is so much more. I am learning alot about myself and my emotions. I am learning how to tune into my inner knowledge as well. I am also noticing how people use yoga in their life. I even caught a glimpse of an actor doing a headstand before performing in a Disney Show....and now I know why!"  ~  C. W.

This Yoga Teacher Training Course open your mind and soul.  A great Journey to take"  ~ Sue

When I first started yoga, I felt there was no way I was going to be able to do a lot of the poses. With working with Amy, she took the time to explain the poses, how to keep my body in alignment and made it fun. I also felt very comfortable in her classes. I didn't feel like I had to have matching outfits and be so perfect with what I do. After a few years, I have come a long way and with completing the YTT program, I got so much more out of it than I ever expected. I found the program helped me de-stress my life and let go of feelings I would just push to the side. Thank you so much Amy for all the help and guidance you have offered me on my continuing yoga journey!"    -  Jen

​​"We are really getting a thorough explanation of the yoga postures and the mechanics of each pose. More thorough than any other class/ teacher I have experienced. The training is helping me gain confidence to instruct other people correctly (in yoga postures). We are learning how important alignment is and techniques to assist students. And the philosophy is just amazing! "   ~ Sherry 

2 Locations / Dates

 to choose from! 

  • Perryville MD 
  • New Castle DE

Spring Session Begins

in  February!  

(Feb. - June 2018)

Contact us for details

 You will Learn: 

  • Classical Hatha Yoga, which   leads students to a deeper understanding of the nature of their True Self,  exposed in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita.   An overview of the ancient  traditions that most strongly influenced yoga 

  • Focus on safety, joint movement, range of motion, and a practical understanidng of skeletomuscular systems   
  • .Asanas - teaching methods, how to read/understand posture, and how to modify postures to the individual and his/ her physical, emotional, spirtual needs. Safe movements of the muscles / joints for all asanas. 

  • Pranayama - experience mind / body integration / purification thru yogic breathing and how to incorporate
  • Meditation, mindfulness, self reflection, self-acceptance and how to integrate body, mind, and spirit. Gain skills for centering yourself and your students, and how to create a safe space.  
  • take a wonderful weekend journey thru our Chakra System to explore the Seven Life - Force Energy Centers in our body

  • how to teach effective and safely teach beginners and the more advanced practitioner, how to teach a multi-level class, vinyasa, partner and restorative classes.

  • have a life changing experience, find your Authentic Self, and make lifelong friends as you begin your personal transformational journey that will continue to unfold for the rest of your life!  
  • and in the process have completed the required coursework to be certified as a 200 hour Yoga Instructor.​

Letter from the Director:

As we have always said, Yoga is for everyone.  It is an invitation to explore.  Its about feeling better and  the dynamics among attention (awareness), breath, posture, thought, emotion,  and their relationship to deep change. People will come out of a yoga class with a sense of calm & well-being.     

A lot of what we know in regards to alignment and breath, never came from a weekly yoga class... It comes from many different Training Programs that we attended.      If you want to learn what we know, in a private setting, focusing on YOU, then we invite you to apply to this Self Awareness.    You will expand your awareness, experience transformation, settled into your Being, and in the process, receive a 200 hour certification to teach yoga, ( if you choose the teaching path).   You do not need to be experienced in yoga. You just need to have an open mind.. that's all.    We only accept a limited amount students to keep the training highly individualized.  

I had no intention of teaching yoga when I enrolled in a program.   I was living in Lewes, and had a weekly yoga practice with an awesome teacher, (who I will be forever grateful for, as he changed my life).    I started to "bump" into a deeper level of my physical and my energetic body.  Yoga helped me reverse a few health issues that I was experiencing.  I remember thinking:  holy moly!  there is something to this thing called yoga!   Because of this profound experience, I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training Program - to learn more about yoga benefits and my being.  So,  I  invite you to reflect on how you feel in, and after,  a class -   physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ...

Remember, yoga is a scientific approach to body, mind, breath and soul, and ultimately a higher consciousness.  It is both practical and theoretical.    It is not trying to teach any particular religion, nor it is trying to tell you what to do, or what not to do... It just teaches you  self -awareness, self -acceptance, self - love and how to just BE... As You continually Open, and  express Gratitude daily, your Awareness expands

If you want to expand on how you feel  in and after a class and discover your TRUE Self along the way,  then consider joining our  YTT / Self Awareness Program.



Find Your Center...

Yoga means union, to join, to connect.... Awareness. is the key -  to wake us up to who we really are, and what life is really about.. Everything we do in our daily lives can be YOGA, if it is done with awareness.  So come deepen your daily practice and enhance your well being...    Studies in the program include:  asanas (benefits,  modifications / adjustments - both hands on and vocal), techniques training, principles of posture,  teaching methodology, basic anatomy & physiology, Yoga History & Philosophy, study of breath/ Spirit and the Chakra System, chanting, meditation,  Lifestyle & ethics for yoga teachers. ​

 We believe in the importance of individualized attention during the yoga experience.  Our class size is small by design. Our System focuses on the  individuality of people,  their relationship to yoga, and their learning styles.  By keeping the classes small, we can ensure an optimal  learning /. teaching experience. 

Be Yoga Fresh