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"The teacher needs to adapt yoga to the individual, not the individual to yoga"
Sri T. Krisnamacharya ~ T.K.V. Desikachar

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​​We're a unique yoga studio dedicated to recovering what we believe to the essence of yoga:  a traditional yoga philosophy and practice available to everyone.


Yoga begins, and evolves from within..

Emphasis on safe practices and correct alignment. 
Encouraging a non-judgement,
atmosphere among yourself and others in class

A few words about us

We're dedicated to making yoga available to everyone. We teach Hatha yoga in the traditional methods.  We do not heat our rooms, as we believe the body fares best when allowed its own natural course of warming up and cooling down.   There are many styles of yoga practiced today, yet all styles have derived from classical hatha yoga, and the Iyengar and Ashtanga Lineage brought to the West. 

Yoga begins and evolves from within.  With yoga, we learn to become more aware of our bodies and how to relieve the tension located deep within.  Each body is different so each person will be coached to find the comfort within their own body.  No two people will experience yoga the same way.  We are individuals, each of us uniquely different, on our own karmic path.   You will never be told you are doing the pose the wrong, because yoga is individualized and must be adapted to the individuals needs.   We all have had distinct life experiences that have shaped our minds, bodies and koshas (layers of our being).  With yoga, we explore how to move with more awareness and ease, not only in class, but this will intersect into our everyday life.  

The study and practice of Yoga leads to a deeper connection of the higher Self.   As the student develops awareness of the self in a yoga class, he/she will begin to move throughout his/her daily life with more simplicity and ease!

"When executing an asana according to your individual needs and postural alignment,

along with correct breathing, a shift occurs" 

   This shift allows body, mind and spirit (breath) to become harmoniously aligned.  

A typical class begins with a focus on the breath and a warm-up series, followed by a flowing series of yoga asanas (postures) that range from gentle movement to challenging workout. Asana practice is coordinated with conscious breathing to promote a steady, comfortable experience. A warm down series, with a final relaxation ends the class. Our studio is designed for the exclusive practice of Hatha Yoga.    The poses are held longer, allowing time to focus on the breath and the mind.    Beginner Hatha classes are a little slower paced giving more time for corrections and instruction.    Intermediate and Advanced classes will include a flow of postures and Sun Salutes, respectively, and advanced breathing techniques.

We combine alignment of the body with breath technique to calm and balance the mind.  We encourage deep releases of tension, stress, emotions, etc.  We embrace a holistic approach to this ancient system of health and healing, offering students a well-rounded yoga education and practice to help them feel better inside and out.

We offer classes, courses, workshops and our Self Awareness Yoga Teacher Training Program.  All shed light on interpreting and incorporating the nature of yoga with all other aspects of life.   We welcome your questions, feedback and insights as you, and we, evolve.  Please feel free to send us a question / message!      See our "Contact Us" page.    Peace out and see you in class soon!