Be Yoga Fresh


Customized Classes and Meditations can help you:

  • get in the best shape for the  big day
  • alleviate stress  (family and spouse-to-be)
  • de-stress mentally and physically
  • keep you balanced and centered during  your wedding planning and the big day
  • deal with letting go of the past as a single person and compassionately embrace the next chapter 
  • stay positive thru this period and remember what teh wedding is about 


 Wedding planning and the actual wedding day can be a stressful affair. The 5,000 year-old practice of yoga helps brides-to-be, their fiancés, family, and friends meet their fitness goals, relax, celebrate, and enjoy this momentous occasion.  Private classes, yoga themed bachelorette parties and showers,  Wedding Day Yoga, and yoga themed wedding ceremonies! 

Our Yoga Instructors provide:

  • Bride to Be Private class packages
  • for just the Bride or entire Bridal Party (including the guys, if necessary!)
  • Yoga Themed Bachelorette parties and Bridal Showers
  • Wedding Day yoga with Family and Friends 
  • Destination Wedding Yoga Packages
  • Officiated Wedding Ceremonies

WAIT ... What else you say?  

 Wedding Services /  Minister on staff too!
Specializing in personalized, non-denominational weddings and vow renewals that meet your individual needs!     And we offer Yoga too!

You only have this one day....
Your Wedding Day is one of the most special days in your life!  Filled with emotions, family and friends and a day that goes by so fast!    We try our best to keep you present in the moment , as the next chapter of your life is unfolding...

At Fresh Weddings, we specialize in personalized, non-denominational weddings and vow renewals that meet your individual needs!   We create an elegant ceremony that can be traditional in spirit,  or customized to include non-traditional vows and dreams.  Ceremonies are performed at the location of your choice.   This is the most special day in your lives and the ceremony should reflect who you are, individually, and as a couple.  It should reflect your values and all things meaningful to YOU

I was officially ordained in the Fall of 2009.   I went outside of my faith for a wedding minister.  I was planning a beach wedding and had specific requests for how I wanted the  ceremony to flow...Thirty days prior to my wedding, the minister I hired canceled. I was left  scrambling for a replacement.   As a yoga teacher and a student of Spirit,  I study different philosophies / religions.  So I turned to a spiritual friend of mine.  I wrote and finalized my dream ceremony (which I will happily say brought tears to my husband's eyes).   Susan added  in some of her own ad-libs, and it turned out to be the perfect, customized ceremony about us - our past, our present and our future as a couple!   After that I knew I had  to help other couples realize their dreams on their wedding day. The ceremony is about the two people who are joining as one, and no one else.    I  am happy to say that all of the couple I have married are very pleased with how I listen to them and customize my words to fit their life experiences.
The Process
We will meet so that I can get to know you better...I want to know "your story" and what your hopes are for the day.  We will discuss your special requests, any rituals you would like performed  i.e. unity candle, sand ceremony, etc.   We will go over the vows you want to speak, the verbiage for the exchange of rings, and any readings / prayers, poems you would like.    I will write your ceremony and e-mail it to you for any changes / final review.   This communication is done by phone / e-mail. There is no need for us to  meet again before the big day.  We will also discuss the  marriage license process and what needs to be done on the day of your Wedding. 

To reserve your date, a deposit of 50% is required, along with the signed contract (this deposit is not refundable should wedding be cancelled)  Payment in full of remaining balance is due two  week prior to the wedding.  Payment can be mad by cash or credit card.

Our fee is very affordable - Contact us to discuss!

We work with all religious affiliations and support marriage for all.

Gift Certificates are available!  

Our classes make awesome gifts too!


Special Workshops:

Want to learn about yoga?   meditation?   Back bends?  How to release stress? 

 Talk to us and we will set up a 2-3 hour session based solely on what it is you want more of.   Then invite all the people / employees,  to either come to us, or us come to you,   and let’s unplug, refresh, and ...BE Fresh! 

 WARNING:   may cause serious mental clarity, stress release, and happy employees.



Our Workplace Wellness course incorporates

focused breathing practices, mindful movement, and relaxation / meditation techniques.


Educator Mindfulness program helps all educators / staff manage stress and enhance their own well-being. 

Consultation to assess your specific needs and then a series of in house classes.

We will work closely with you to tailor the course to the size, needs and budget of your organization.

​Past / present  clients include:

Delaware Tech Community College, Georgetown DE

Methodist Manor House, Seaford  DE

Indian River School District, Selbyville DE

Sussex Pines Country Club, Georgetown DE

Nobles Pond Senior Community, Dover DE

CALM for Educators / Staff, Red Clay School District,  Wilmington, DE

Private Instruction:     We come to you, or you come to us.   

Either way we’ll help you take your practice to new heights. 

  Whether you are looking to get into great shape or simply stretch and relax,

our individualized training will help you achieve beyond your wildest dreams.

One-on-one. (Just you, just us.)

Small or Large Group  
Have friends and family that want to join you? The more the merrier!

Get your yoga on with your co-workers at lunch, bachelorette parties, Girls/Guys night outs, before wedding relaxation, birthday parties, school events, Christmas parties, professional development, something to do on a Friday night….

You name it, we’ll be there....    Community at its finest

Benefits of private classes:

​Both visual and verbal feedback happens.

 We are not just teaching you how to do the pose properly, we are adapting each individual pose (and the practice) to you. 

We are advancing you towards your individual goals.  

Sessions are designed for the individuals' needs, limitations, and experience with a yoga practice. 


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