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Wednesdays   7 - 8 pm  

Cecil County Arts Council, 135 E, Main St.  Elkton MD 

Summer of Strength, Stretch and Soul Begins June 26th 

This 10 week session will not only focus on the three S's above,

but also Spinal strength! The session will be taught by Erin 


There are many styles of yoga practiced today, yet all styles have derived from classical Hatha yoga.   Yoga is for everyone!

Yoga begins and evolves from within. We learn to become more aware of our bodies and how to relieve the tension located deep within. 

All classes are encouraging and supportive. We recognize that everybody is different, and every Body is different.  Classes are taught with a beginner in mind, yet are challenging enough for the advanced student.  (various alternate instruction given for each pose).   


Yoga's intention is to provide a safe, loving environment where each individual can explore the dynamics of the asana within their own mind, body, spirit, mental and emotional bodies.  

No two people will experience yoga the same way.  Please do not expect to practice yoga the same way your friend / neighbor does.  We all have had distinct life experiences that have shaped our minds, bodies and koshas (layers of our being).   Each student will be coached to find the comfort in their own body.  


We are individuals, each of us uniquely different, on our own karmic path. 

 "When executing asana according to your individual needs and postural alignment,  along with correct breathing, a shift occurs "  Amy 

As the student develops awareness of the self in a yoga class, he/she will begin to move throughout his/her daily life with more simplicity and ease!

As always we promote and encourage a community of like minded individuals.  We respect all yoga traditions and encourage you to try  out / play with as many traditions of yoga as you can. 

One can never have to much practice or knowledge. After all, that is how one becomes a very well rounded student / teacher !

Special Sessions

UNDER CONSTRUCTION... Need a few more days to add verbiage to website! 

Yoga of Recovery - New dates for 2019! 

              Yoga Session & Sharing Circle

Combining the philosophies of the 12 step program and the ancient wisdom of yoga     creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental, and spiritual  disease it is.  These sessions are open to anyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. Sessions consist of an intentional yoga  session followed by a sharing circle. These gatherings are not a substitute for an addiction program.   They are in addition to.... 

Breath.   Move.   Share.   Discover.

Yoga means Union. 

To unite the breath, body and mind with our True Nature.  Our gathering will guide you to re-connect to that part of yourself that holds all the wisdom that you need to know.  More importantly, that you already know, but have separated from. 

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